Living 9/11

BartlettJames was founded by veterans and many of our members and employees are also veterans or the spouses of veterans. For the members of Bartlett James, 9/11 is more than a date on a calendar; it is, in many ways, a part of our daily lives and the lessons learned from that day (and in the 20 years since) form the credo by which we serve our clients.  

 Of the many lessons we have learned over the past two decades, perhaps the most important is that we serve best when we serve causes greater than ourselves.  Our purpose is always to try to do “right things for right reasons.” When we remember the brave first responders of New York who rushed into the crumbling towers, we ask ourselves, “Can we ever allow ourselves to do less?” As we proudly serve universities and municipalities around the nation, we always try to ensure that we live by that lesson. 

 Another great truth reinforced by the horror of 9/11 is the absolute recognition of the sanctity of human life and to ensure that respect is given to all people on this planet, regardless of our differences. BartlettJames proudly partners with corporations and organizations that are committed to the exultation of humanity and the obligation to treat others with dignity. We are committed to those people and entities who respect the rights and needs of every individual, without bias, prejudice or discrimination on the basis of religion, color, gender, age, etc. 

Another hard lesson from 9/11: Terrorism affects everyone, and security is an responsibility we all share.  BartlettJames provides globally recognized expertise in terrorism risk analysis for special events, sporting events, public and private venues, and commercial buildings.  We save lives and protect property from damage. Our process and personnel are unmatched in corporate risk management; counterterrorism operations; national and international special events management; threat and physical security site assessments and contingency planning; major criminal intelligence investigations and operations; corporate VIP and US Government witness protection security; and liability and property damage prevention, mitigation, and root cause analysis. 

Risk management is an essential ingredient of strategic decision-making.  The risk management process must explicitly address uncertainty and must be conducted with the best available information, specially tailored to the needs of the insured. BartlettJames  is in the business of performing highly detailed investigations for the insurance industry. In this instance, we focus our expertise on risk management in light of terror threats to large venues and significant public gatherings. 

 Our global clients know better than we that geopolitical forces, frequently expressed by acts of political violence, are underappreciated by your insured. It is fair to say that acts of political violence will only increase in frequency and complexity for the foreseeable future. Geopolitical forces act as an accelerant to security, climate, and cyber events. 

 Terror attacks in Western Europe in 2020 alone resulted in fatalities in Austria, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2021, mass shootings in Atlanta, Boulder and Indianapolis claimed 26 innocent lives. Since 9-11, more than 40 terror plots have been foiled in the United States alone. The list goes on and on…. 

The BartlettJames Terrorism Risk Analysis Unit stands ready to help companies, municipalities and universities eliminate uncertainty by providing specifically tailored, state-of-the art risk assessments for large venues and public gatherings. 


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