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Higher Education

Higher Education

Our experience in higher education runs deep. We intuitively understand the dynamics of college and university communities. Whether your institution requires an inquiry into matters relating to intellectual property, personal security, regulatory compliance, NCAA guidelines, athletic department concerns, Title IX or university finances, our team is superbly experienced and sensitive to your needs. Your institution will reap the benefits of our proprietary “Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness” analysis, as our professionals partner with yours to synthesize best practices and values for the betterment of the academic community and the nation at large.

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Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk management is the essential ingredient of strategic decision-making. The risk management process must explicitly address uncertainty and must be conducted with the best available information, specially tailored to the needs of the insured.  We call our process “CI³” (Corporate Investigations, Inspections, and Information).

Our span of “CI³” expertise and experience includes: threat assessments for major venues and large public gatherings; detailed corporate fact-findings concerning both personal conduct and fiduciary obligations; pre-underwriting investigations and analyses for the insurance industry; and pre-employment background vetting of key personnel.

Your business is challenged every day with a wide range of physical and financial risks. We help you mitigate risks in your business enterprise by conducting thorough, discreet and detailed investigations.

Not only do we perform highly-complex and detailed assessments and investigations, we are well-experienced conducting assessments and training to help you assess your posture in diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

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Government Oversight

Society demands that governmental agencies be responsible to principles of integrity transparency, and accountability. Our team of nationally-recognized professionals has amassed decades of national and international experience conducting in-depth investigations into government actions. We feature particular expertise in police oversight and audit; working with local police departments, community oversight boards and city leadership to ensure public confidence in the actions of their law enforcement professionals.  

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Our Values


Our work provides your enterprise with facts that allow you to make well-informed and transparent decisions. In short, we provide the bedrock for the integrity of your decision-making.

It is our experience that some of the best fact finders and investigators in an organization are its in-house or outside counsel. We also recognize, however, that use of counsel to simultaneously investigate and provide legal advice on those findings may not always be desired; while an investigation may be privileged initially, it often is necessary to waive privilege on all or parts of an investigation for a variety of tactical and strategic purposes. In that situation, our independence will enhance the credibility of the investigation with complainants, constituents, and members of the public. Further, it enables counsel to provide candid and impartial advice and representation, free of actual or perceived conflicts.


We are prepared to render fact finding in a variety of urgent matters, and our company is especially well-suited and equipped to address sensitive personnel matters. Specifically, we provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the facts when employees, students or other constituents allege malfeasance, harassment, discrimination, abuse, or any other concern that demands a quick, and correct, response. We know the right questions to ask. The answers we obtain point toward your dedication to transparency and accountability.


Regardless of your organizational type, your stakeholders can benefit from training and enhanced expertise. Whether your audience needs in-person or on-demand, digital training, Bartlett James can partner with you to analyze your need for learning courses which close your knowledge, skills, and/or attitude gaps.

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