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We are a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who conduct independent and thorough investigations.  We are not a law firm, and we do not provide legal advice. Instead, our mission and our commitment to our clients is to obtain and provide an impartial and reliable understanding of the facts, both in response to crisis situations as well as for effective risk mitigation.  Our team is dedicated to minimizing legal and reputation risk and establishing transparency and integrity for our clients.


To become the national leader and the first choice for investigations and assessments for academic, corporate, governmental, and non-profit organizations.

Why Choose Us?

Your success depends upon reliable and timely information. Our investigations put clarity and precision at your fingertips. Our reach is global but our focus is highly personal to you and your enterprise. Whether you require a narrowly-tailored fact-finding or a global, multi-continent assessment, our highly-experienced professionals dig deep and report to you. Our highly-experienced team is ready to serve your risk management needs; whether they arise from the corporate world, the realm of higher education or government service.

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Please call us at 843.384.8160 or e-mail us at bruce@bartlettjames.com. We will respond within one hour. Always.

Our Team

K. Michelle Allison-Davis
K. Michele Allison-Davis

Executive Committee Member

Laura Goecke Burns
Laura Goecke Burns

Executive Committee Member
Corporate Risk Management Co-Team Leader

Robert (Bert) E. Nunley

CFO, Executive Committee Member

James P. Pottorff, Jr.

Executive Committee Member/Team Leader

Richard A. Rasmussen
Richard Rasmussen

Team Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We testify either per any agreement we have with you or your counsel or pursuant to court order.

No. Although some of us are licensed attorneys or former practitioners, we do not provide legal representation or provide legal advice.

Yes. From the inception of our business relationship with you to the confidences shared throughout our investigation, we will maintain strict confidentiality, subject only to your express, written permission or in compliance with a court order. We will agree to enter into any reasonable confidentiality agreement. We will never advertise our client roster without the express written consent of a client.

Yes. We are committed to fostering a company that reflects the rich diversity of our community and the clients we serve. This is at the heart of our core values. We embrace our distinct physical, mental, and emotional characteristics as well as traits and perspectives, believing that doing so makes us better. Every member of BartlettJames has a respected voice in within our group.

No. Your legal counsel can explain what options you may have in regard to an employee or contractor who refuses to be interviewed.

We consult with you, review the relevant documents, conduct the necessary interviews, and complete our report to provide you the answers you need. Expenses, including travel and lodging, are billed separately from our professional services.

We will never advertise our client roster, without the advanced written permission of our clients.

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