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Our investigations put clarity and precision at your fingertips.

Our highly-experienced team is ready to serve your risk management needs; whether they arise from the corporate world, the realm of higher education or government service. We close loops. We fill gaps.

What We Do

Simply said, we investigate.

Our team has conducted fact-findings, assessments, and inquiries across the vast spectrum of the economy. Quite literally, we have handled everything from vetting some of the highest profile figures in government and professional/collegiate sports to conducting in-depth investigations of personal behavior in the Olympic movement to making terrorist threat assessments for large venues and gatherings to investigations of alleged police misconduct to personnel matters in non-profit corporations.

Our practice is principally divided into three general areas:

Higher Education

Colleges and universities face unprecedented challenges which demand fact-based solutions. Our Professionals possess the training and experience to meet your needs.

Risk Management

Challenges to your business require you to take prompt action to establish transparency and help guard against personal and corporate liability.

Our experience helps ensure you meet the expectations of your community when we provide you with neutral investigations and the oversight society demands and you require.

Karisa Croxton

Operations Manager

Who We Are

We are a national team of exceptionally-experienced investigators.

Our members include retired FBI Supervisory Special Agents, investigators from the Department of Defense, retired federal and military counsel, judges and seasoned corporate counsel with extensive insurance risk/management expertise. We have conducted countless domestic and international investigations and hearings, involving the most sensitive matters of the highest security for corporate, higher education and government entities. When time and precision are of the essence, talk to us.

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